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Application of international law to transactions:

  • Association with lawyers in other jurisdictions to enforce contracts, pursue debts, compliance with foreign regulations
  • Advice on powers of attorney, mandates Legalisation and notarisation of documents as required in foreign jurisdictions
  • Compliance with foreign jurisdictions in matters of inheritance and succession


Business or family matters which extend over national borders.

Family matters:

Frequently compliance with foreign jurisdictions will be required for family matters, especially in matters of property and inheritance.

We are able to assist with experience in foreign jurisdictions and languages, as well as to legalise documents as a public notary as permitted under The Hague Convention 1961 dealing with issues of international law.

Business matters:

Contracts need drafting and interpretation to be undertaken carefully so as to be relevant in the jurisdiction of one party, or the country of the application of the contract, as well as in the jurisdiction of any other party.

Clients can be reassured that application of legal expertise is not only provided by members of this firm but also through associated firms in other countries.

We intervene where clients are confused and frustrated by application of foreign laws and compliance demanded by foreign administrations. Our qualifications, experience and international associations enable us to take the burden of clients and resolve these matters with positive outcomes for our clients.