The role of a public notary is to certify documents for acceptance as legal documents in other countries. 


This role is confirmed by The Hague Convention 1961, and combined with a seal of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (“apostille”) allows for recognition of documents in foreign jurisdictions. This process is called “legalisation”, and was previously done by foreign consulates in Australia. 


Some countries, including France are moving away from offering legalisation services and refer to public notaries. Since 1 January 2019, French diplomatic and consular posts no longer provide notarial services.

As a French-speaking public notary, Brian Hillman is able to:

           - legalise a document (witnessing the signature) ; or

           - legalise a document "en la forme authentique" (as a public document). 


How do we charge?


           -  Legalisation:               $200 + GST

           -  Forme authentique:    $35 + GST per page (minimum of $395 + GST and a                                                                          maximum of $800 + GST).


We can obtain the apostille from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on your behalf (extra charge of $50 + GST). Please note the Department charges a separate fee for the apostille itself.

We provide certified copies at no extra cost.

If you require any assistance, please contact us at or call us at       +61 2 9232 8392



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