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We work side-by-side with our clients and their advisors across the full spectrum of corporate and commercial law and advise on a broad range of transactions and during all the stages of a business life cycle. 

Our lawyers have extensive experience in corporate and commercial law to provide clients with quality legal services that are rapid in response and easily accessible.

Our team includes English and French-speaking lawyers.  Our French-speaking lawyers are qualified in Australia and in France.  We are based in the CBD of Sydney NSW Australia.


Hillman & Associates Lawyers provide the solution for your visa needs.

Our team includes experienced migration lawyers. By combining a fundamental understanding of the Australian immigration system, with extensive knowledge of the applicable legislation and policies.

Hillman & Associates provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients – individuals and businesses in all sectors including hospitality, financial services industry, IT and regional operations, ranging from small and medium enterprises to the largest hospitality and restaurant group in Australia with the provision of legal services and expertise in the areas of compliance with all relevant requirements. 

As lawyers, we are able to provide across the board advice on legal as well as migration implications. 

Our team includes lawyers who are able to speak French, Urdu, and Bengali.


Hillman & Associates Lawyers can assist with the preparation of your wills, powers of attorney and enduring guardianships.

We are also acting in complex estate matters in New South Wales involving assets located both locally and overseas.

Assets located outside the Australian State of residence and abroad may be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction. Testators and representatives of deceased persons should be aware of how foreign jurisdictions may impose their own laws on the property in those jurisdictions contrary to the intention of the deceased, and provisions for application of Australian law as far as possible to ensure the will applies.

Our team includes lawyers who are able to speak French, Urdu and Bengali.


All of our team are at least bilingual, with fluency in English and French.

The Hillman & Associates International desk pools the experience and knowledge of practitioners working in a range of legal matters to serve interests of clients in Australia and French-speaking countries and territories. We can offer a full service in French and Chinese.

Two of our Australian qualified lawyers are French and have also completed their law studies in France. 

Both commercial and personal matters frequently involve cross-jurisdictional and international issues.

Through our linguistic abilities as well as dual qualifications and experience, together with ongoing close collaboration with lawyers in other countries, we are able to assist clients in international operations.

Our aim is to offer a complete service to French businesses located in Australia, or to those looking to set up or expand in Australia.


Employment is an area of law that is at the same time highly regulated under the Fair Work legislation, but wide open to expensive litigation for those employees on salaries above the Fair Work threshold. For employers care needs to be taken to ensure that employment agreements comply with Fair Work requirements and also, where applicable look at potential future litigation in the event of disputes.  For employees, scrutiny of agreements is advised before being tied to them. We can assist both employers and employees in preparing and negotiating employment contracts so as to avoid employment disputes or resolve them.

Our team includes lawyers who are able to speak French, Urdu and Bengali.


Need a public notary? We are ready to help. The role of a public notary is to certify documents for acceptance as legal documents in other countries. This role is confirmed by The Hague Convention 1961, and combined with a seal of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (“apostille”) allows for recognition of documents in foreign jurisdictions. This process is called “legalisation”, and was previously done by foreign consulates in Australia. Some countries, including France are moving away from offering legalisation services and refer to public notaries. Since 1 January 2019, French diplomatic and consular posts no longer provide notarial services. 
As a French-speaking public notary, Brian Hillman is able to witness the signature of a document or notarise a document as a public document “en la forme authentique”.



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