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Kishmat Maharjan - Business Consultant and Education Agent


Meet Kishmat Maharjan, our distinguished consulting business management consultant and education agent with a rich 14-year career in business management and customer relationship management.


Kish's expertise spans diverse industries, including B2B and B2C sales/marketing, operations, project management, and more. With 16 years in Australia and an MBA from Macquarie University, he brings a deep understanding of the local business landscape. His international experience fosters a global mindset, facilitating connections with diverse backgrounds.


Business Expansion and Optimisation:

Kishmat is dedicated to aiding businesses in expanding and optimizing their operations, whether at a local level or across borders. His expertise lies in devising effective Market Entry Strategies, International Business Development, and Subsidiary Management, aimed at fostering growth and sustainable success for businesses.

Business Consultancy Focus:

Are you seeking to expand internationally or establish your presence in new markets? Is your company already operating in a market but in need of revenue enhancement, restructuring, or local activity optimization? Kishmat Maharjan is your expert guide in these endeavors.

Expertise Highlights:

  • Market Entry Strategies: Customized strategies designed to facilitate successful entry into new markets.

  • International Business Development: Proficient in orchestrating global expansion and fostering business growth on an international scale.

  • Subsidiary Management: Adept at optimizing subsidiary operations for maximum efficiency and success.

Education agent services

Driven by a passion for supporting aspiring students, Kishmat draws upon his personal journey as an international student. His commitment to providing tailored guidance empowers students to navigate their educational paths with confidence. His approach is marked by personalised attention, ensuring that each student receives the necessary support for their academic endeavors.

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