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All of our team are at least bilingual, with fluency in English and French.

Both commercial and personal matters frequently involve cross-jurisdictional and international issues.

Through our linguistic abilities as well as dual qualifications and experience, together with ongoing close collaboration with lawyers in other countries, we are able to assist clients in international operations.

French Desk

We have one of the largest teams of French lawyers in Sydney NSW, Australia.

Brian Hillman is the Avocat-conseil auprès du consulat général de France à Sydney.

The Hillman & Associates French desk pools the experience and knowledge of practitioners working in a range of legal matters to serve interests of clients in Australia and France. We can offer a full service in French. Two of our Australian qualified lawyers are French and have also completed their law studies in France. 

As French lawyers, we are familiar with the French Civil Code and the French Legal System. We work in close collaboration with experts in France, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and other French speaking jurisdictions to ensure that clients receive a response that is as comprehensive as possible to meet their needs, in an expeditious and cost effective way. 

We have particular facility to advise in and assist in legal matters in France and the European Union in general, as well as in New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Our aim is to offer a complete service to French businesses located in Australia, or to those looking to set up or expand in Australia. 

Our team includes English and French speaking lawyers qualified in both Australia and France. We are based in Sydney NSW Australia.

We have experience in acting for international clients in complex commercial transactions.