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Nikhil Joshi | Solicitor | Sydney | English and Nikhil Joshi | English/Hindi Speaking | Migration, commercial, estate, employ


Nikhil is a solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW.


He has a strong educational background including a Diploma in Law from the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) in Sydney (2021), a Master of Business Administration from Holmes Institute in Sydney (2019), a Master of Law (Commercial and Corporate Law) from Macquarie University in Sydney (2017), and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Mumbai, India (2012).


Nikhil is an accomplished lawyer with a diverse legal background and a focus on migration law. 


Nikhil provides strategic advice on migration pathways and prepares submissions on various issues, including character, family violence, and employer nominations. Nikhil is well-versed in lodging visa applications and stays up-to-date with legislation and case law.

Prior to his migration law focus, Nikhil worked as a paralegal in a boutique law firm in Sydney. He also has nearly three years of experience as an associate legal counsel in the Mumbai High Court in India.

Nikhil is known for his positive attitude, excellent communication skills, and technology-friendly approach. His commitment to delivering results and his comprehensive legal background make him a trusted advisor for individuals and businesses seeking legal assistance in Sydney, Australia.

With his strong educational background, diverse legal experience, and commitment to achieving the best outcomes for his clients, Nikhil Joshi is a valuable asset to our law firm. His expertise in migration law, combined with his dedication, makes him a trusted adviser for individuals and businesses seeking assistance with their legal needs.

In addition to English, Nikhil speaks Hindi and Marathi.

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